Oldest "19th Hole" I - Historic Clubhouse Buildings

6 February 2016

Most golf clubs have built their own club-houses, but some are older than their clubs or courses. Here are four of the oldest. Read more

Mrs Forman's is No More

26 January 2016

Mrs Forman's hostelry, which has been serving golfers at Musselburgh for almost 200 years has closed and has been converted into houses. Part of the old pub has been demolished. Read more

Daft Willie Gunn

6 January 2016

Caddie Willie Gunn was the most famous caddie at Bruntsfield. He was also the most eccentric and mysterious and as a consequence was known as Daft Willie Gunn. Read more

Golf on Calton Hill

27 December 2015

This could also be titled The Unexpected Christmas Present. Old evidence, recently re-discovered of golf on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Read more

Gourlay - Featherie Ball Makers

14 December 2015

'A Gourlay' was a byword for a quality featherie golf ball in the first half of the 19th century. Read more

General Alexander Mackenzie Fraser

6 October 2015

Lieutenant General Alexander Mackenzie Fraser (1758 - 1809) was not a man who let war get in the way of playing golf. He served in almost every contemporary theatre of war and still found time for a family life, politics and playing golf. Read more

Eighteen 18th Century Golf Societies

21 August 2015

There are now eighteen golf societies dating back to before 1800. Read more

Golf House Tavern Picture Puzzle

14 July 2015

A new picture of the Golf House Tavern has been found, but the source is unknown and it is printed the wrong way round! Read more

How many Golf Holes are there in the World? Answer 576,534

18 April 2015

Thanks to a report just published by the R&A we now know that there are 576,534 golf holes in the world. However, given that there are 696 new developments in planning or construction, this number is already out-of-date. Read more

We Are Not Amused - Victorian Golf Jokes

13 March 2015

How the Victorians invented bad golf jokes. Read more

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