Golf House Tavern Picture Puzzle

14 July 2015

A new picture of the Golf House Tavern has been found, but the source is unknown and it is printed the wrong way round! Read more

How many Golf Holes are there in the World? Answer 576,534

18 April 2015

Thanks to a report just published by the R&A we now know that there are 576,534 golf holes in the world. However, given that there are 696 new developments in planning or construction, this number is already out-of-date. Read more

We Are Not Amused - Victorian Golf Jokes

13 March 2015

How the Victorians invented bad golf jokes. Read more

Early Edinburgh Golf History - Leith Links and Bruntsfield Links

18 February 2015

Golf history in Edinburgh is much more extensive and important than generally supposed. Read more

How to Design Your Own Tom Morris Golf Course

6 February 2015

Old Tom Morris reported to Mr Hope of Luffness that he often had differences of opinions with the R&A committees over what constituted good golf course design and like all golf course architects, considered their ideas amateurish and unsuitable. Read more

Oldest Golf Clubs and Courses in America Part II

1 January 2015

Since publishing details of the oldest golf clubs in North America, further research has produced more candidates for inclusion on the list of early golf clubs in USA; a new candidate for America's first golfer; and an earlier date for the importation of golf clubs in America.  Read more

12 Things we didn't know 12 years ago

20 December 2014

Scottish Golf History began 12 years ago and new facts have emerged during that period. Below are some of them.  Read more

The Albatross has landed ... and taken off again

6 December 2014

One of the consequences of publishing this website is that, from time to time, people get in contact with pieces of new information, and one such occurred earlier this year when I was notified of a story on the origin of the ‘albatross’ published in Golf Monthly March 1962. Read more

On the Dating of Golf Societies

6 October 2014

It is generally accepted that these four clubs are the four oldest golf clubs, but the order of their seniority would appear to require some rearrangement. Read more

Men and Women Only Golf Clubs

31 August 2014

An overview of the position of historic men and women clubs Read more

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