Bruntsfield Links - Home of Club Golf II

2 April 2017

Below is the outline of chapters 1 to 4 of Bruntsfield Links - Home of Club Golf. Read more

Bruntsfield Links - Home of Club Golf I

31 March 2017

Bruntsfield Links - Home of Club Golf is a new book by Neil Laird published today. It tells the previously unknown story of the golf clubhouses of Bruntsfield Links, covering over 300 years of golf history. Read more

William St Clair - A Tale of Two Pictures

24 March 2017

Why the Royal Company of Archers have a golfing picture of their President and why the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers only have a copy of the picture they commissioned. Read more

Origin of Golf Club Makers Mark

8 January 2017

The curious story of how the first golf-club maker's trademark logo was created. Read more

15 Things to do in St Andrews when you are not playing Golf

6 October 2016

There are many sites in St Andrews to visit when you are not playing golf. Below is a round-up of historical attractions and golf related attractions for golfers and non-playing partners alike. Read more

Best Scottish Golf Courses in Top 100 Courses in the World

3 September 2016

Scotland can claim 19 golf courses in the current published lists of 'Top 100 Golf Courses in the World'. But which ones are they? Read more

Golf at the Rio Olympics - Esporte ou Farsa?

5 August 2016

One hundred and twenty golfers compete in the Rio Olympics next week. The top 15 male and 15 female golfers automatically qualified to play, subject max 4 from each country. Many commentators branded it a farce when more than half of the top men pulled out citing health grounds, especially as... Read more

A 'New' Reference to 'Golf' in 1460

1 July 2016

This week, a new reference to the word 'golf' was uncovered in a poem dating back to c1460. This is the second oldest reference to 'golf' in the world. It had been overlooked for hundreds of years, as have connections between the poem's author and early bans on 'golf'. Read more

Molesey Hurst and First Golf Trick Shot

12 June 2016

Molesey Hurst in south west London is the site of the first record of a golf match outside Scotland, after which the world's first golf trick shot was performed over the river at David Garrick's villa. It is now possible to provide more details about the event. Read more

Oldest "19th Hole" IV - Gone ... but not Forgotten

26 February 2016

The Scots are somewhat casual about the their golf heritage. Many golf club-houses have disappeared completely and many more are no longer used as club-houses. Read more

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