1818 Old Manchester Golf Club

Old Manchester Golf Club was founded in 1818 as The Manchester Golf Club. (There is a reference from 1837 that the club was founded in 1814 by Mr William Mitchell.) Originally quite an exclusive club, it later became an artisan club.

The Golfer's Year for 1866 reports that the club was limited to 12 players, though it lists 15 members and two honorary members.

Manchester Golf Club

The Club possess Three Medals, which are played for annually, viz :- Bannerman Gold Medal, for summer competition; Shaw Gold Medal, for winter competition and Atherton. Silver or Junior Medal, in playing for which only the members are handicapped.

Sometime around 1880, the club ceased playing. As a result, Manchester St Andrews Golf Club, founded in 1882, dropped the ‘St Andrews’ from their name in 1883 and began calling themselves The Manchester Golf Club, in the belief that the original Manchester club had ceased to exist. When the original club resurfaced, the members decided to adopt the title of the Old Manchester Golf Club, the name they have kept ever since.

Apart from 1880, the club disbanded several more times in 1890, 1960 and 1980, but it is still listed as a club without a course or clubhouse or a website. Details given in R&A Handbook are

Old Manchester Golf Club

12 Ferndale Avenue,


Manchester M45 7QP

Telephone 0161 766 4157





More details of the Club's history and its old courses are given on its new website and at Kelsall Moor and Broughton Park are given at Golf’s Missing Links.