Scottish Golf - Green Fees to Suit All Pockets

10 August 2018

Green fees for the golf courses mentioned in this website vary from £12 to £300 per round per person, depending upon what time and date you play. That is definitely golf to suit all pockets. Read more

Musselburgh - Cradle of Golf

6 July 2018

Musselburgh Museum on the High Street is hosting an exhibition called ‘Musselburgh – Cradle of Golf’ in July and August 2018. Read more

The Golf Trinity - why golf is definitely Scottish

24 May 2018

Forty years ago, a Dutch banker claimed that golf was not Scottish in an article that was widely quoted by well-respected journals. Subsequently, the main basis for the claim was discredited, but this has not stopped the 'fact' that golf was not invented in Scotland being oft repeated. Read more

Scottish Golf 1457 to 2057 - The End of Golf is Nigh!?

27 January 2018

Will Scottish golf still be around in 50 years time? There are recent reports of a sharp decline in golf club members, serious erosion of historic links courses and surveys showing that people think golf is the most boring sport in the world. Read more

Oldest Leather Stitched Ball in the World

31 December 2017

Lying in a 'dusty' corner of a museum in Stirling is one of the most important artefacts in sporting history. It is an old ball with the identical construction to later feathery golf balls. It has been dated to 1514-1570 making it the oldest of its type in the world. Read more

Chuiwan 捶丸 - Coincidence or Espionage?

15 December 2017

Chuiwan or Chui Wan ( 捶丸) was an ancient 13th century royal bat and ball game played in China which had similarities to putting in golf and an etiquette similar to that of golf. Is this just a strange coincidence or the product of industrial espionage? Read more

Golf is the most Scottish thing about Scotland

1 December 2017

Golf is more Scottish than Scotland, St Andrew, tartan, whisky, the Saltire, bagpipes, kilts, haggis or the Highland Games (but not Nessie). Read more

John Mayne - First Golf-Club Maker?

24 November 2017

William Mayne's grandfather was a bow-maker who supplied clubs to King James IV. Was he a golf-club maker? Read more

The Hutton Letter - Golf at Kinghorn 1812

9 October 2017

A recently discovered letter written by John Hutton to Alexander Orrock at Wemyss in 1812 records that golf was being played on Kinghorn Links in the early 19th century and probably for some time before that. Read more

The Bower Burgesses of Edinburgh

12 April 2017

New research for this website shows that there are direct connections between William Mayne, his Majesty's bower in 1603, and the golf-club makers of the early 20th century in Edinburgh. Read more

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