Chui Wan - an Ancient Chinese Golf-Like Game

Chui Wan 捶丸 - an Ancient Chinese Golf-Like Game

by Anthony Butler, David Hamilton and John Moffatt, with a translation of the Wan Jing by Chuan Gao and Wuzong Zhou

(2017 Partick Press, St Andrews)

(107 pages octavo)

Chui Wan 2017An new analysis of the early Chinese bat and ball game called Chui Wan, and its relationship to golf and colf in Europe and Confucianism, with the a full translation of its rules, called the Wan Jing published in 1282 CE. The chapter headings are: -

  1. Introduction
  2. Abridged rules of chui wan
  3. How to play chui wan
  4. Comparing chui wan and modern golf
  5. Confucianism and rules of chui wan
  6. Early stick-and-ball-games in Europe
  7. Chui wan and the early rules of Scottish golf
  8. Did information about chui wan travel to Euorpe
  9. The birthplace of golf: Conclusions
  10. The complete translation of Wan Jing.

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