12 Things we didn't know 12 years ago

20 December 2014

Scottish Golf History began 12 years ago and new facts have emerged during that period. Below are some of them.  Read more

The Albatross has landed ... and taken off again

6 December 2014

One of the consequences of publishing this website is that, from time to time, people get in contact with pieces of new information, and one such occurred earlier this year when I was notified of a story on the origin of the ‘albatross’ published in Golf Monthly March 1962. Read more

On the Dating of Golf Societies

6 October 2014

It is generally accepted that these four clubs are the four oldest golf clubs, but the order of their seniority would appear to require some rearrangement. Read more

Men and Women Only Golf Clubs

31 August 2014

An overview of the position of historic men and women clubs Read more

Golf: By-product of Polder land and Links land

31 July 2014

How golf is a consequence of the Dutch agricultural revolution and the Scottish climate. Read more

Ryder Cup 2014: The Homecoming of Historic Rivalry II

19 June 2014

On the similarities to the great golfing rivalry between Musselburgh and St Andrews and the history of Gleneagles golf courses. Read more

Ryder Cup 2014: The Homecoming of Historic Rivalry I

6 June 2014

Outline History of the Ryder Cup Read more

Anomolies in the Data

30 April 2014

Some historians fail to pursue their investigations back to source and merely copy information from a more modern source. Read more

Course Closed: Rain and Recession

31 March 2014

What can the lessons of history tell us about the economic future for golf? Read more

Wooden Golf Balls: an Assumption and a Fallacy

28 February 2014

The use of wooden balls in golf in Scotland is an assumption. In fact, it is almost certain links golfers never played with wooden golf balls. Read more

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