The First 500 Years.

If you want to know the oldest locations in Scotland where “Gowff” was played or the oldest Golf societies or the oldest golf courses, then you have come to the right place.

The Vade Mecum provides an overview of the site.

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Just published - new book on the golf clubhouses at Bruntsfield. 

Bruntsfield Links Home of Club Golf 

by Neil Laird

  • Golfhall - the world's first golf clubhouse (1717)
  • Robert Biggar, world's first clubmaster (1723)
  • George Neilson, first golf club maker at Brunstfield (1715)
  • Thomas Comb, longest serving golf club maker (1760)
  • Douglas Gourlay's unknown second wife and divorce (1801)
  • The Golf Tavern - oldest golf clubhouse in the world (1852)

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