John Rattray Statue on Leith Links

11 September 2019

A statue of Dr John Rattray, surgeon, Jacobite and golfer, has been installed at Leith Links, 10 years after the planning for it began and 275 years after the events it commemorates. Read more

Golfhall Plaque

10 May 2019

A commemorative plaque to mark the site of Golfhall (the world's first golf clubhouse) has been put up at 28 Wright's Houses, Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh. Read more

Bonnie Prince Charlie and Golf at the Villa Borghese

10 November 2018

Villa Borghese in Rome is the oldest golfing site outside Britain. Bonnie Prince Charlie is reported as playing golf there c1738, by Lord Elcho, an eye-witness and one-time confidant. Read more

15 Things to do in Edinburgh when you are not playing Golf

1 September 2018

There are many free sights in Edinburgh for golfers who have visited all the usual attractions. Most can be visited on walks round the centre of Edinburgh. Read more

Skibo Castle - Playing the Carnegie Club Golf Course

17 August 2018

Skibo Castle is home to the exclusive Carnegie Club and one of the best links golf courses in Scotland. A limited number of tee times are now available to non-members in the summer months. Read more

Scottish Golf - Green Fees to Suit All Pockets

10 August 2018

Green fees for the golf courses mentioned in this website vary from £12 to £300 per round per person, depending upon what time and date you play. That is definitely golf to suit all pockets. Read more

Musselburgh - Cradle of Golf

6 July 2018

Musselburgh Museum on the High Street is hosting an exhibition called ‘Musselburgh – Cradle of Golf’ in July and August 2018. Read more

The Golf Trinity - why golf is definitely Scottish

24 May 2018

Forty years ago, a Dutch banker claimed that golf was not Scottish in an article that was widely quoted by well-respected journals. Subsequently, the main basis for the claim was discredited, but this has not stopped the 'fact' that golf was not invented in Scotland being oft repeated. Read more

Scottish Golf 1457 to 2057 - The End of Golf is Nigh!?

27 January 2018

Will Scottish golf still be around in 50 years time? There are recent reports of a sharp decline in golf club members, serious erosion of historic links courses and surveys showing that people think golf is the most boring sport in the world. Read more

Oldest Leather Stitched Ball in the World

31 December 2017

Lying in a 'dusty' corner of a museum in Stirling is one of the most important artefacts in sporting history. It is an old ball with the identical construction to later feathery golf balls. It has been dated to 1514-1570 making it the oldest of its type in the world. Read more

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