Marathon Golf

24 July 2023

Marathon or Endurance Golf is one of the ways golfers try to make golf more exciting. But what exactly is it? Read more

Flight of the Condor

18 July 2023

The following may sound unbelievable, but there were independent witnesses of all these events. In one case, they even saw what happened on the green!A 'condor' in golf is a score of four (4!) under par. Read more

Cross Country Golf

11 July 2023

Cross-county golf feats and challenges have a long tradition which has swept the world. One golfer in Scotland just added a new one. Read more

Tea Time on QI: Golf Myths Galore

24 February 2023

Are QI really the 'myth busters' they think they are? In a recent programme, QI promulgated more golf history myths in one minute than all the golf histories over 100 years, (including inventing two myths of their own.) Read more

Golf History on the Big Screen

30 July 2020

Tommy's Honour and Loopers - The Caddie's Long Walk were recently released in cinemas and are now available to buy or on television. Read more

Golf - The Striking Game

29 May 2020

Rev Robert Walker skating on Duddingston Loch c 1784 courtesy of National Galleries of Scotland Read more

Robert Chambers -- Champion Golfer

15 May 2020

Robert Chambers Jnr was the first individual club champion golfer in 1858. Yet today he is somewhat overlooked in golf literature. Read more

The Troon Clubs II The New Evidence

6 May 2020

There have been several theories about the origin of the Troon Clubs currently on display at the R&A World Golf Museum in St Andrews. New evidence supports an 18th century dating for their manufacture. Read more

The Troon Clubs I The History

6 May 2020

The Troon Clubs at the R&A World Golf Museum are the oldest surviving set of golf clubs, but how old are the individual clubs? New research and discoveries casts new light on their age and provenance. Read more

Coronavirus - Keep Safe and Carry On

29 April 2020

Golf has been banned in many countries. When will we see it return? Read more

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