Early Golf

Early Golf

Royal Myths and Ancient Histories

by Neil S Millar

(Edinburgh University Press 2022)

(hardback 262 pages)

Early Golf 2022

Part I covers multiple facts and dates about early golf that have appeared over the last few hundred years. Some are provable (true), some are false (myth) and some are 'not proven' (myth?). These are arranged in chapter headings by the King or Queen  associated with golf at the time.

  1. James II (history)
  2. James III (myth)
  3. James IV (history)
  4. Catherine of Aragon (myth)
  5. James V (myth)
  6. Mary Queen of Scots (myth?)
  7. James VI (history)
  8. James VI (myth)
  9. Charles I (history)
  10. Charles II (myth and history)
  11. James VII (myth and history)

Part II covers golf history themes including golf balls, clubs & caddies, golf societies, women's golf, the spread of golf elsewhere and the origin of golf.