500 Years of Golf Balls

500 Years of Golf Balls

by John F Hotchkiss

(Antique Trader Books 1997)

(284 pages 11" x 8.5")

This contains a reprint of The Curious History of the Golf Ball by John Stuart Martin (1968 Horizon Press)

  1. The Third Revolution
  2. The Fourth Revolution
  3. Collecting Golf Ball History

500 Years Golf BallsThere is a brief overview of featheries, which are assumed to come from The Netherlands, and gutties but most of the book covers the developments of the wound and rubber core golf balls from 1900 - 1997. The research is thorough and detailed.

The final section is an outline of categories, illustrated examples and values of golf balls, including  on database of 40,000 golf balls which can be searched and retrieved by computer.