Montrose Clubs

Montrose Golf clubs shown with page references to Golf in Montrose by W Coull.

There was a proliferation of clubs in Montrose in 19th century. As a result of amalgamation over the years three now remain - The Royal Montrose Golf Club, Mercantile Golf Club and the Caledonia Golf Club - who administer the Medal course through a Links Trust.

 Montrose Club



Page ref

W Coull

Royal Montrose Royal Albert 1810 to date pp 49-55
Montrose Victoria 1864 to date pp 65-67

North Links Ladies

Formed to play north links. Built a clubhouse in 1929 and amalgamated with Royal Montrose in 1986

1927 to date n/a


Local gentry club which helped pay the new course, but was later reduced to one member, Mr A Duncan, when he proposed a ‘merger’ with Royal Albert.

1822 – 1843 p 56
Mechanics (Mercantile) Now merged with Royal Montrose 1846 to 2019 p 58

Weavers (Union)


1846 – 1864 p 57

Flexdressers (Union)

Founded by Millworkers. Membership of Weavers and Flexdressers dwindled and in 1864 they amalgamated into Union club

1846 – 1864 p 57


Founded by two clubs above. Mr Robert Dow, Clubmaster of Royal Albert, was Treasurer and player. They competed with other clubs including Monifieth, but for reasons unknown, the membership dwindled, joining either Mercantile or Victoria clubs until, by 1891, there is no further record of the club.

1864- 1891 p 62
Star 1868 – 1890 pp 59-61
Mercantile 1869 to date pp 68-73
Chapel Works  1882 - 1891 p 64
Montrose Sawmills 1882
Thistle 1895

Half Holiday Club (Caledonia)

Forerunner of Caledonia Club

1896 -1901 p74-75

Caledonia Club

1901 to date p 76-77